about me

My life has always revolved around food. Many of my childhood memories involve the kitchen and what happens in it. Brownies with a crinkly crust, trays of sugar dusted sand cookies and my mother's hand making all of that.

In art school I presented a table packed with rising bread dough and in my interactive design class I researched the virtues of french cooking,

We always hosted friends for cheerful meals with long tables in the garden, lots of wine and plenty of food. Always along side my 'real life'.

A coincidental encounter with Instagram (you are welcome to follow) sent me to study professional photography and here we are.
Food, photography and the combination between them are my true passions in life and I'm happy that it is becoming my main occupation.

Hi, my name is Tal Sivan-Ziporin.
I'm a professional photographer 
Married to the love of my life and mother of three very cute kids (well, most of the time).

For photography and other creative adventures please contact me at:

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